Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

America’s Rehab Campuses is the #1 alcohol rehab in Arizona to offer affordable yet highly effective treatment plans for people battling with addiction. Our treatment is a wholesome healing process that aims to instill hope and confidence in our patients for a better future.

Types of alcoholics

Men who consume 5 or more glasses of alcohol and women who consume 4 or more glasses of alcohol in 2 hours are said to have a drinking problem. What starts as a minor drinking problem often leads to alcohol addiction. The National Institutes of health categorizes alcoholics into five major types.

  • First is the young adult subtype where young adult drinkers present themselves with addiction symptoms but have no family history of alcoholism or associated mental disorders
  • The young antisocial subtype is the second type that includes young adult drinkers that have a family history of alcohol/substance addiction and co-occurring mental disorders
  • The third type is the functional subtype. It includes middle-aged, successful individuals with a supportive family and friends circle that become alcoholics. These individuals have a family history of alcohol addiction, and 25% of them also have a history of clinical depression
  • The fourth type categorizes middle-aged people with a family history of addiction and previous episodes of depression and falls into the intermediate familial subtype.
  • The fifth and final type is the severe chronic subtype that includes all middle-aged individuals with addiction to alcohol, substance abuse, family history of addiction, and a history of mental disorder.

What are the effects of alcohol abuse?

Frequent consumption of alcohol affects the central nervous system and slows down the functioning of your mental and physical processes. At our alcohol rehab in Arizona, we often see addicts reporting a boost in confidence when they consume alcohol, which they believe helps them cope with social situations better.

Some of the negative effects of alcohol use include physical consequences such as illness, deteriorating health, fatigue, hallucinations, lung infections, stomach distress, pancreatitis, sexual dysfunction, etc. Alcohol abuse, when combined with the use of drugs, can have lethal consequences.

Adverse effects on social functioning include strained relationships, poor dynamics with family, problems at work or school, lying and manipulative behaviors, increase in financial issues, etc. The problem with alcoholics is that they continue for years without recognizing that they have a problem.

What are the signs of alcohol abuse?

Some of the signs of alcohol addiction are anxiety, agitation, disorientation, difficulty in standing up and walking, slurry speech, red eyes, lack of coordination, rambling and blabbering, etc. With an increase in the consumption of alcohol, one’s body develops an increased tolerance to it and eventually leads to serious health concerns.

Immediate signs of alcohol abuse are hangovers, accidents caused by alcohol and inappropriate social conduct such as saying undesirable things to loved ones or others around, stammered communication, etc. Take the first step to recovery by getting in touch with America’s Rehab Campuses, the most advanced center for alcohol rehab in Arizona.