Alcohol Rehab Phoenix Arizona

Even though alcoholism and addiction have been classified as medical diseases by the American Medical Association, there is still a lot of social stigmas that surround these issues. Alcoholism is more commonly accepted as a disease than drug addiction, which does not make a lot of sense. However, both addictions are labeled as diseases that require treatment in order to get better.

A lot of people think of alcoholism as a disease that only affects a certain type of person, but that is not the case. Alcoholism does not discriminate, and can strike anyone at any time. If you or someone that you love is struggling with addiction to alcohol, you should not be afraid to reach out for the help that is needed. A lot of folks are ashamed of their addiction, which is why they do not seek the treatment that they need. While there are still a lot of misconceptions regarding alcoholism, you should not be afraid to ask for help.

Alcohol Rehab in Phoenix, Arizona

If you are looking for alcohol rehab in Phoenix, Arizona, you should not look any farther than Arizona Rehab Campus. We have a staff that is fully trained in a variety of addiction treatment options that are ready to welcome you to our facility with open arms. We provide a medical detox program where you will be able to safely experience withdraw symptoms in a controlled environment where treatment options to make the process more comfortable will be offered. In our medical detox program, you will be supervised twenty four hours a day by a trained medical staff that can do their best to make the process as simple as possible. During the detox process, medications may be administered by a medical professional to make the detox process more bearable.

Residential Inpatient Treatment

At Arizona Rehab Campus, we offer residential inpatient treatment that can allow you to fully submerse yourself in treatment instead of being influenced by outside temptations. Our goals at Arizona Rehab Campus include helping you manage your addiction while providing you with new tools to help prevent relapse. Our expert clinicians are available for individual and group therapy sessions that can help you find the root of your addiction. Equine therapy, yoga, and meditation are offered to help soothe the body and the mind during your stay with us at Arizona Rehab Campus. Our comprehensive care includes a diagnostic assessment that can be extremely helpful in designing your individualized treatment program.

Outpatient Treatment Program

At Arizona Rehab Campus, we also offer an outpatient treatment program that can help you maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle after you have left our facility. With this treatment program, you can take part in your regular daily activities while still seeking the treatment that you need to get sober and stay sober. Counseling will be offered in a group or individual setting so that you can utilize the best techniques to help you avoid your triggers. Staying clean and sober has never been easier than with the help offered at Arizona Rehab Campus.