Alcohol Treatment Center Arizona

Take your first step towards sobriety by getting in touch with America’s Rehab Campuses today. At our alcohol treatment center in Arizona, we follow a cohesive treatment approach to help you attain sobriety. We also treat co-occurring disorders along with treatment for addiction.

Treatment for alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is the most common type of addiction in America, and luckily, there are several effective medications and treatments available to treat the condition. Treatment for alcoholism starts with a safe medical detox in the supervision of a medical practitioner, followed by a multitude of therapies and counseling to identify and treat the reasons for addiction.

A good treatment approach should address the root cause for addiction and the co-occurring disorders if any along with the treatment for addiction. More importantly, recovering alcoholics should be well equipped to cope with triggers of the external environment to avoid relapse and to continue sobriety at all times. At our alcohol treatment center in Arizona, we teach patients to use healthy coping mechanisms to overcome triggers and cravings. Call us today for more information.

What are some of the types of alcohol addiction?

For treatment purposes, we categorize alcoholics under four main categories based on their age, the severity of their addiction, family history, co-occurring disorders, etc. Some of the types are:

  • Functional Subtype – Middle-aged adults that are alcoholics and suffer from other co-occurring mental disorders and substance abuse as well.
  • Young Adult Subtype – Adults who start drinking at 18 and eventually become alcoholics by the time they turn 24.
  • Intermediate Familial Subtype – Alcoholic individuals with a family history of alcoholism, issues of substance abuse, cigarette smoking, and other co-occurring mental disorders.
  • Young Antisocial Subtype – Teenagers who start drinking as early as 15 and fall into addiction before they turn 18. Alcoholics of this subtype also suffer from substance abuse, cigarette smoking, and mental disorders.

This categorization helps our treatment specialists to use appropriate treatment plans and approaches to cure addition. Reach out to our rehab team today for help with addiction.

Do I need inpatient rehab for alcoholism?

You may need inpatient rehab treatment for alcoholism if you suffer from a moderate to severe level of addiction. On the contrary outpatient rehab treatment is best suited for those in the early stages of addiction.

Inpatient rehab can help you attain recovery within a short period. You will be safe from the triggers of the external environment during treatment, and this will allow you to respond well to medications and therapies offered at a rehab center. Inpatient rehab programs are overall more successful than outpatient programs. They not only focus on helping patients attain sobriety, but they also equip the recovering addicts with effective coping mechanisms to avoid relapse in the future.

Don’t let alcoholism to consume you; call America’s Rehab Campuses today. We follow a natural healing process at our alcohol treatment center in Arizona by providing an environment filled with compassion, care, and support to help you get better.