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Alcohol Treatment Centers Phoenix AZ

America’s Rehab Campuses offer comprehensive treatments for alcohol addiction and drug abuse. We are one of the finest alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, with world-class treatment programs and infrastructure facilities to help people struggling from addiction.

Are there medications to treat alcohol addiction?

There are plenty of treatment methods and medications available to help treat the condition. However, the treatment and medication must suit the needs of each individual and must come from certified rehab centers. Using prescription drugs in combination with therapy and medical detox can increase the success rate of the recovery by 50%.

Medications help combat addiction by creating three significant effects on an individual:

  • Helps cope with withdrawal symptoms
  • Discourages relapse
  • Makes your body react negatively to alcohol, making the experience of drinking undesirable

Some of the effective medications used to treat addiction include Vivitrol and Naltrexone, designed to curb cravings for alcohol and feelings of pleasure associated to it. Acamprosate is ideal for reducing cravings and helping the body cope with withdrawal syndrome, while Disulfiram will cause physiological adverse effects when you consume alcohol.

Inpatient rehab for alcohol addiction

Rehabs centers offer inpatient treatment for those with moderate to severe levels of addiction. It helps the alcoholic to commit to recovery by wholly focusing on treatment. Inpatient rehabs provide a calm and peaceful environment for individuals to elude stress and distractions of family, relationships, work, school, and other social obligations.

Inpatient rehab treatment programs offer a combination of medical detox, therapies, and medication to help an individual heal from addiction. Some of the widely used therapies by some of the alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, include CBT, biofeedback therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, EMDR, and experiential therapy to equip individuals with healthy coping mechanisms to deal with unpleasant stimuli.

What are some of the dangers of alcohol addiction?

Most people often ignore the risks of binge drinking because alcohol has become so ingrained in almost all of the world’s cultures. But when casual drinking turns into binge drinking, it takes a serious toll on the healthy functioning of your body. Liver and brain are the organs to be profoundly affected by excessive alcohol consumption.

Some of the immediate ramifications of binge drinking include trouble in breathing, headaches, blackouts, nausea, distorted vision, hearing problems, and lack of judgment. Some of the irreversible damages caused by alcohol abuse in an individual include anxiety disorders, permanent brain damage, pancreatitis, Cirrhosis of the liver, increased blood pressure, nerve damage, sexual dysfunction, hand tremors, and alcohol poisoning.

Some of the dangers caused by an alcoholic to the society, and people around him include car accidents, sexual assault, physical assault, domestic violence, stealing, causing damage to public property and firearm injuries. To prevent that, you must consider enrolling in a rehab program today.

The treatment for alcohol addiction plays a major role in altering the way an individual reacts to stressful situations. Get in touch with America’s Rehab Campuses, one of the finest alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ.