Detox Centers in Phoenix

Regular drug and alcohol abuse will trigger addiction relatively fast, at which moment you will no longer be free. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer you the only way out – professional rehabilitation. You cannot escape substance addiction on your own. Studies show that the only way to achieve success is to resort to expert assistance.

Our detox centers in Phoenix function according to the most modern standards, providing you with fast and effective results. Substance addiction is a dangerous and complex mental disorder, capable of utterly destroying your life and those of the people you love. We have built our rehab treatment with the purpose of not only helping you escape the condition but to restore your life to normal as well.

Since substance addiction is such a dangerous disorder, with so many implications, both physiological and social, the treatment we’ve built meets the highest standards in the practice. Our programs focus on the long-term benefits, rather than focusing on short-term gratification, which is why they’ve grown so popular over time. We offer long-lasting benefits and a life of sobriety, happiness, and freedom.

Our main rehab programs include:

Inpatient program – The inpatient/residential program relies on a higher level of control and supervision. It’s a vital part of the rehabilitation process, especially in the first phase, where the addiction manifests more aggressively. During the inpatient program, our specialists will diagnose your condition and build a rehab plan according to the findings. We use a complex treatment, mixing medication with psychotherapies and emotional and educational support for the best results.

Partial hospitalization – The partial hospitalization is the next step, focusing on introducing more freedom into the program, and it’s a vital part of all our detox centers in Phoenix. You’ll have to attend to six hours of rehab, for five days per week, with more freedom on your hand. This system will allow you to slowly reintegrate into the society as a sober and independent individual.

Intensive Outpatient Program – The IOP program lasts for 12 weeks, and it will only take you three hours per day for three days per week. It comes with even more freedom than the partial hospitalization program, which is great if you have a busy social lifestyle. You’ll now be able to attend your daily educational and professional tasks in parallel, which will contribute immensely to your recovery.

The Sober Living Program – This program incorporates a variety of procedures and it envelopes throughout the rehabilitation process. It embodies a structured plan to help you adapt to sober living, and teach you how to take care of yourself in the society. Our experts will help you develop coping skills, along with a wide variety of social and personal abilities.

Our detox centers in Phoenix function according to modern standards, valuing results and evidence above everything else. Contact us, at America’s Rehab Campuses, for an urgent appointment! We can cure substance addiction, and we can give you the life you’re looking for. Act now and take your destiny into your own hands!