Drug Rehab Mesa

America’s Rehab Campuses offer unique treatment programs to treat drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. We are the only drug rehab in Mesa to design customized treatment plans for each individual at affordable price points.

What is medical detox?

Detox is the first step of treatment in treating addiction. A medical detox removes the substance/drug abused and the toxins off your body. This treatment reduces the withdrawal symptoms that you may experience due to discontinued use of drugs. This step helps individuals to progress well in rehab during recovery.

Medications such as Acamprosate, Disulfiram, Naltrexone, anti-nausea medications, and anti-depressants are some of the medicines used in medical detox. A medically managed detox also include psychotherapies by psychiatrists and wellness therapists to kick start your recovery process. During this step, therapists try to understand the root cause and triggers of your addiction and work on shaping your mind to cope with the negative and disturbing thoughts that lead to drug usage.

What is the best treatment for drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a treatable disease that affects an individual’s brain function and behavior. At our drug rehab in Mesa, we provide treatment to help the affected individual abstain from using drugs, continue a drug-free life, resolve the mental disorders that trigger drug use and help him/her to lead a productive life at both work and family arena.

The best treatment for drug addiction starts with a medically managed detox program, which is followed by a series of treatment therapies such as biofeedback therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and EMDR therapy. Some rehab centers also use unique techniques like equine therapy, experiential therapy, faith-based rehab, and motivational enhancement therapy to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders.

No one best treatment approach can fit all addiction treatment cases. Each treatment is tailor-designed as per the needs of each individual to help them attain sobriety. During rehab, simple therapies such as yoga, nature walks, and support groups are also used to help patients feel safe and relaxed during recovery.

EMDR Therapy for Addiction Treatment

EMDR or Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is a medical practice used to heal a recovering addict’s trauma through infrequent visual stimulation. According to several studies, there is a direct association between the rhythm of our eye movement when we enter REM sleep and our traumatizing memories.

During EMDR, the patient is asked to recall his depressing memories, and his/her vision is stimulated to alter and reprocess the intense feelings associated with that memory. Many rehab centers offer EMDR therapy to treat the root cause of drug addiction as they believe that they can address issues of PTSD and heal emotionally strenuous memories with this therapy. This therapy is a proven technique to avoid drug relapse.

America’s Rehab Campuses plays an important role in helping addicted individuals transform into happy and successful people. Get in touch with the #1 drug rehab in Mesa for holistic healing and recovery from drug addiction.