Phoenix Detox Centers

America’s Rehab Campuses invites you to rewrite your life’s story, at our Phoenix detox centers today! With our help, you will overcome your addiction for good.

Is addiction a disease or a choice?

While substance addiction usually begins as a choice, once it sets it, it becomes a physiological disease with severe repercussions long-term. In the initial phases, the patient will usually abuse the substance for various reasons, including dealing with emotional traumas, daily stress, as a means of recreation, etc. The effects will build up fast, as the drugs will change your brain’s chemistry and alter your mental and physical functioning, as well as your behavior and personality.

In this sense, substance addiction is a unique disorder because it changes people at an intimate level. You will quickly develop antisocial and erratic behavior, as you will begin to prioritize the substances you’re using over anything else. Studies show that the victim will even ignore basic survival instincts when it comes to choosing between surviving and getting the next dose. Most people realize the damages that they’re receiving due to their addiction, but they have no control over their own behavior.

If you have become addicted to any type of substance, you need to seek help immediately. They only way to defeat addiction is by joining a professional rehab program as soon as possible.

Does addiction have a cure?

The honest answer contains both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’ The mixed answer comes from the fact that substance addiction is unlike other mental disorders, both in nature and in its long-term effects and manifestations. People have arrived at our Phoenix detox centers in all stages of addiction, and we have succeeded in turning their lives around. Full recovery is entirely possible, provided you get professional assistance along the way.

The rehabilitation treatment focuses on complete lifestyle transformation, as we don’t treat the symptoms of the disease, but its causes. During the rehab treatment, you will go through several rehab stages, including:

  • Clinical detox
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Inpatient care and support
  • Psychotherapy and emotional trauma healing
  • Sober living and relapse prevention

What separates addiction from other diseases is the permanent risk of relapse. If you let your guard down, your bad habits may return even years after the rehab. At our center, you will receive comprehensive treatment, as well as guidance on how to remain sober and healthy over the years.

How to choose the right rehab center?

There are many aspects to consider here, including the rehab programs, the staff’s qualifications, the institution’s background, etc. Our Phoenix detox centers have a rich history of successes behind them, as we have succeeded in changing the lives of countless people along the way. When struggling with addiction, you need the best treatment you can find.

America’s Rehab Campuses welcomes you to one of the most advanced rehab facilities in the country. We can help you move past your problems and redefine your life’s goals in a new, more positive light. Contact us today and let’s get the treatment started!