Rehab Centers That Accept AHCCCS

Arizona is the unofficial drug and alcohol treatment capital of the world, but you may find it difficult locating quality rehab centers that accept AHCCCS. It is a bit ironic that with literally hundreds of drug and alcohol treatment centers surrounding Phoenix, only a handful of them work with ACCCS. This is because most drug and alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix are overpriced, and AHCCCS won’t cover the costs.

Indeed, while you could find dozens – even hundreds – of high-end rehab centers across the state of Arizona, you’d be hardpressed to find a single facility that makes its prices affordable to everyday people. Previously, individuals who could not cover the costs of addiction treatment out-of-pocket, and those who either didn’t have insurance or their insurance wouldn’t cover drug and alcohol treatment; options were nil. However, Arizona Rehab Campuses is changing that!

Don’t Settle for Less Just Because You Have AHCCCS

Arizona Rehab Campuses is the perfect choice for individuals who need drug and alcohol treatment but need inexpensive yet quality care from quality rehab centers that accept AHCCCS. At Arizona Rehab Campuses, we belive that no one should have to struggle with addiction and not get the help that they need. Sure, there are all kinds of free programs, such as the Salvation Army and the Rescue Mission, but these facilities, however well-intended, do not have the resources to provide a high degree of care.

Rather than assuming that you can’t afford the kind of care that you need and settling for less, contact Arizona Rehab Campuses first. You may call and speak with a representative over the telephone, or you can send us a message online. You may also check your insurance on our website.

Quality Treatment Should Not be a Luxury

Addiction is not a character flaw or behavioral issue. Addiction is a disease, and it needs to be treated as such. You may not be aware of the options and resources that are available to you, and that’s where Arizona Rehab Campuses can help. Even in cases when we are not able to provide treatment for an individual, we can still refer them to other excellent resources within the community that can help them get sober.

AHCCCS insurance contains provisions for individual drug and alcohol treatment services. The problem is that it’s often hard finding any Arizona rehab centers that accept AHCCCS because many of the local rehabs are too costly. And although many local rehabs offer luxury rehab facilities, far too few of them have a meaningful long-term sobriety rate in their patients. Do you want to pay for costly rehab treatment and not solve your problem? Of course not!

Contact ARC

Now that you know Arizona Rehab Campuses accepts AHCCCS, why not get the treatment that you need!? You could take control of your life and learn how to exist with your disease without succumbing to addiction. In that sense, you could gain power over your addiction, rather than having your addiction control you.