Tucson Drug Rehab

People with perfectly normal and happy upbringings can succumb to alcohol and drugs. The young honor student can “fall in with the wrong crowd” in the effort to fit in and be “cool” or whatever slang word is used for “popular” today. The middle age business man can grow too fond of his martini lunches or the 19th hole after a round of golf. And don’t forget the bored housewife who gets the kids off to school and proceeds to sip on a glass or a bottle of red wine awaiting the return of her family.

America’s Rehab Campus (ARC) in Tucson, Arizona will serve the needs of ordinary people with dependency issues, but what about those who use alcohol and drugs to suppress anxiety, depression or PTSD? These folks will require an individualized approach that can include intervention and medications. ARC in Tucson is qualified to treat patients with these conditions plus others like mood and bipolar disorders and OCD.

Holistic Approach

ARC stresses a holistic approach to rehabilitation, and the most basic holistic treatment is proper nutrition. This does not mean that we are going to be like your mother demanding that you eat your brussels sprouts before you can have any dessert. And you need not worry that your dinnertime fare will consist of only nuts and granola bars unless you request that. Gourmet fare like steak dinners and traditional comfort foods like pot roast and spaghetti and even mashed potatoes are the norm.

When alcohol and drugs are a priority, food intake might get overlooked leading to malnutrition and additional health problems. ARC is aware of any obesity issues, and every patient will have access to qualified dieticians and nutritionists to advise and help you develop healthy eating habits especially during the first few days after admission. ARC is not a weight loss facility, so a little overindulgence with food is understood when trying to recover from an addiction.

Licensed and Experienced Tucson Drug Rehab

You would never hire an unlicensed plumber or carpenter into your house to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, and the same applies to rehab facilities and their efforts to “remodel” you. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is a non-profit organization that bestows accreditation to addiction treatment and other programs like those offered by ARC in Tucson. It is the largest accreditor for drug and addiction programs in the USA.

Of the nearly 14 thousand rehab facilities in the US, it is estimated that close to 60% of them have no accreditation. ARC is accredited by CARF and meets the rigorous standards with specific written procedures and policies available for all to see.

A frequently asked question is: Does ARC in Tucson has any religious affiliations? The simple answer is no. All religions are respected, and there are near-by faith-based organizations and churches that all patients will have access to except for those in the detox stage of treatment. The human spirit is a large part of your recovery and ARC strives to help you gain spiritual insights and values that will last a lifetime. ARC Tucson drug rehab is here to help, and you are always just one phone call or email away at 888-782-4485 or info@americasrehabcampuses.com.