Tucson Rehab Centers

In Ajo Tucson, Arizona, there are vast choices of rehabilitation/detox centers for alcohol and substance abuse. This is because 85% of Arizona residents reside in counties with high overdose rates, as stated by ABC News.

Addiction is a serious yet sad matter about how society perceives it. Instead of acceptance, judgment is given to a person suffering from this predicament.

Here at Arizona Rehab Campus, dignity is upheld, and humanity is always honored. We understand that addiction is a crazy loop and we want the patients to get off that cycle.

We are here to help you as you help yourself regain what addiction has taken away.

Taking the First Steps

Arizona Rehab Campus offers various methods to combat drug and alcohol abuse. While other rehabilitation/ detox centers may try to provide a general or rigid rehabilitation program, treatment in Arizona Rehab Campus does not have a specified length of stay that is fit for all cases.  Instead, our staff evaluate the need of each patient and design a program that addresses the specific needs of each patient.

Our center accepts almost all insurances such as BCBS or AHCCCS. A patient can take the first step towards his restoration by talking with one of our intake specialist with regards to insurance evaluation.

The Path to Recovery

The program to be given to a particular patient is based on his biopsychosocial and medical evaluation. These tests are done by our trained medical professionals such as a medical doctor and a psychologist/psychiatrist. At our Tucson rehab centers, you can expect:

  • The treatment regimen starts with medical detox. We do not disregard the ugly facets of withdrawal. Instead, we will help you deal with them.
    The center also serves as a safe haven for the patients. Quiet meditation is encouraged or being immersed in a small group for meaningful conversations and sharing of experiences. Addiction is not regarded as just a physical predicament, rather, the emotional root of the addiction is explored because we believe that it would greatly help to manage the situation.
  • Every facet is essential to the path to recovery that even meals are planned and prepared by world-class nutritionists and chefs. This way, food also serves as a natural medicine to restore health to one’s body.
  • To make the experience more relaxing, world-class facilities are at the disposal of our patients. Counseling areas, semi-private dorm rooms, recreational facilities, pools, fitness facilities are found in the premises of the center. This is treatment with dignity.
  • As a final step, we offer career building and skill learning to assist the patient in regaining his confidence to be a productive part of the society. This is to let them have something to look forward to and not be tempted to have a relapse. The path to recovery may not be quick, but it is worthwhile.

It Is Our Commitment to Extend Help

Addiction may exclude a person from society. But it does not need to be a lifetime isolation. Our line is always open. Please give us a call at (833) 272-7342. We are here to bridge the gap.