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Addiction detox is a process in which the body goes through the process of removing the toxins built up within it. Detox is not easy, but it is a necessary step in many situations and especially when a dependence occurs. If you stop taking drugs or alcohol, what happens? Do you feel pain and cravings? That could indicate the need for addiction detox.

At Arizona Rehab Campus, we work closely with our clients to determine if they need to enter a detox program and, if so, what type of benefits they may have in doing so. Not everyone needs this type of treatment. Yet, for those who are using drugs and alcohol and are unable to stop on their own, it could be a life changing experience.

What Is Addiction Detox?

Detox is a natural process. The body is fantastic at healing, but it takes time to break the hold that is so common with addiction. During detox, the body will remove the toxins built up from the use of these substances. At the same time, the brain has to go through its own detox process. Without access to drugs and alcohol, the brain has to re-learn how to function without the access to these substances.

The process often includes a wide range of withdrawal symptoms, including physical pain, nausea and vomiting, headaches, and cravings. Some people face even more intense symptoms such as hallucinations, psychosis, and irregular heartbeats. These can be dangerous. That is why a detox program is beneficial.

What Makes Addiction Detox Important?

To break dependence, a person has to stop using substances. That triggers a physical and mental reaction from the body. In a drug detox program, you will be able to work closely with professionals who can get you through this process with less pain and suffering. Some of the ways this can be done include:

  • Using medications. Medications can be helpful at stopping the intense cravings and other symptoms you have. They do not replace the drugs but may trick the brain into believing you are still taking them, therefore giving it time to overcome the dependents.
  • Holistic care. Detox is physically demanding for many people. During treatment in a medical detox program, you’ll have access to holistic care, such as amenities for exercising, yoga, and meditation. This can help you to heal and reduce some of those symptoms you feel.
  • Medical support. Drugs can leave a person with numerous health complications. It is not uncommon for a person to need medical support. At the same time, a person may also need help with any intense withdrawal effects such as seizures, hallucinations, and feelings of pain. You can get help for all of this in treatment.
  • Mental health support. Another big part of the detox process is to start working on mental health and working through the emotional damage that it often causes. You may also want to spend time working on relationships, understanding your past trauma, or getting help with other difficult components of your life.

As you take into consideration all of the complications you are facing with your health from addiction, knowing that detox is the starting point to healing. Through this treatment program, you can start working towards long-term recovery.

When Is Detox Necessary?

There are some situations where having access to a medical detox program can be critical to your long-term health and recovery. This may include times when:

  • You have tried to stop using alcohol and drugs before but failed to do so.
  • You have relapsed in the past.
  • You have overdosed in the past.
  • You have withdrawal symptoms and cravings when you do not use these substances.
  • You want the best possible chance at recovery from addiction.

Get the Help You Need

If you are struggling with understanding if you need medical detox, reach out to Arizona Rehab Campus. Allow our team to provide a formal consultation and assessment to help you understand what your options are. We can approve insurance coverage and talk about residential treatment alongside detox. Our goal is to give you everything you need to achieve long-term recovery. Reach out to us today to learn more about our programs and treatment options.