Illicit Drugs

Illicit Drug Addiction

Illicit and addictive drugs are broken down into two types: The first type are drugs that are illegal to process, sell, and consume. That includes drugs like cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines. The second type of illicit drugs are those that can be legally prescribed, often times obtained and consumed through illegal means. There are a wide variety of illicit drugs that affect the body and brain in very different ways. Some examples are Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, Ativan, Xanax, Valium, Soma, Ambien and Suboxone, to name a few.
The treatment regimen carried out by ARC will be entirely individualized and requires a thorough evaluation and assessments by our Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and/or our Licensed Therapists.
Treatments include:
  • Chemical Dependence tratment
    • Individual, group or family therapy
  • An explicit focus on understanding the nature of addiction, tools (both mental and physical) to become clean and sober, and to prevent relapse
  • Setting and level of care vary depending on your needs: residential, inpatient, outpatient
  • Behavior Therapy
    • Develop tools and methods to cope with cravings and emotions
    • How to avoid and deal with relapse
    • Family and friends contribution to your support
    • Discussing issues with your job, legal problems, and relationships
    • Addressing other mental health conditions
  • Self-help groups


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