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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tucson AZ

We at America’s Rehab Campuses have always been about providing a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility to help recovering addicts in their journey to complete sobriety. And through our alcohol rehab centers in Tucson, AZ, we continue the same services for the residents of the state of Arizona.

Our campus is located in a prime spot, near attractions such as the Sabino Canyon State Park where our patients can enjoy the solace of being one with nature. It also provides them with a venue where they can meditate and clear their thoughts, which helps speed up the process of rehabilitation.

Residents of our neighboring cities such as Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Scottsdale, Peoria, and Mesa, can also enjoy our facilities, including round the clock care from therapists and caregivers who have nothing but passion and love for their work.

Our Facility

America’s Rehab Campuses only offers the best for its beloved patients, and it shows well through the amenities. Our patients will be situated in semi-private dorm rooms that are surrounded by other recreational facilities such as a spa, outdoor pool, and workout room.

We encourage social interactions in our campus, and for this, we provide gathering lounges where patients can enjoy each others company. Here, they can feel right at home with board games, watching television, or by just having a good conversation.

Our Services

We at America’s Rehab Campuses ensure that our patients get the care that they need, which is why he only employ world-class therapists that offer individual counseling. The love and assistance will also be felt by our loyal staff members who are there to serve our patients and give them whatever they need.

Our meals are also prepared by top-level chefs and nutritionists, making sure that the nourishment and sustenance of everyone housed in our facility are taken care of. And should you need any form of medical attention, we have an on-site pharmacy, which also provides medical detox.

While you are inside, we will also be preparing you for your new and cleaned up life when you get out. This includes services such as career counseling, which can help you get back on your feet.

“A Resort Rather Than an Institution”

There has always been a negative stigma about entering a drug rehabilitation facility. Apart from everything that comes with being branded as an “addict,” there is the notion that life inside could be a miserable and tedious experience.

This is not the case here at our alcohol rehab centers in Tucson, AZ, as you will likely feel that you are at a five-star resort, more than anything else. The facility is built with both a pool and a Jacuzzi and offers meditation and yoga classes. We even have a music studio, art rooms, a restaurant and a movie theatre to make our patients feel like they are on vacation.

These luxurious amenities, however, does not take away from our primary goal which is to help patients overcome addiction and start a new life. At the same time, we believe in the concept of recreational therapy, which boosts both the mental well-being and overall health of our patients.

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