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Alcohol Rehab Phoenix

Contrary to what many people think, alcoholism is not a choice. It is a mental disorder with severe implications in the long-term. We realize the predicament you might be in when having to face social stigma every day of your life. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we oppose social stigma with the same determination we do for alcoholism itself.

Our alcohol rehab in Phoenix accepts everyone, no matter the gender, social status, race or age. Our purpose is to help as many individuals as we can, using the latest technology and the most efficient rehab programs in the world. Since alcohol addiction is a complex psychological disorder, the program we’re using shares that complexity.

We use a multidisciplinary rehabilitation system that aims at breaking down the symptoms of the disorder and tackle the problem at its roots. Compared to other rehab institutions, we take things to a whole new level. We believe that rehabilitating the individual should comprise multiple procedures, delivering a wide range of benefits. Our programs include:

Long-term clinical detox – The priority is to control your cravings and address the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is the phenomenon that prevents you from quitting alcohol consumption. Our clinician will analyze your status and prescribe an intense and aggressive medication plan. The detox treatment will remain active as much as needed, ensuring you won’t relapse shortly.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) – These two clinical procedures aim at restoring your behavioral, cognitive, and emotional functioning. We know that alcoholism affects both your body and your mind. Our alcohol rehab in Phoenix takes a different turn than most rehab treatments. We focus on healing the mind and the spirit just as much as we do on treating the body. We’ve built a well-rounded, comprehensive rehab treatment that addresses all aspects of alcoholism.

Individual and group counseling – These counseling sessions are an invaluable part of the rehab treatment. Once your overall physical and mental conditions become stabilized, your spiritual side will become the next area of interest. Alcohol abuse will affect your ability to socialize with other people, contributing to you developing antisocial behavior. We use private and group counseling sessions to restore your emotional functionality, and help you reintegrate back into the society.

Relapse prevention and rehab education – Our rehabilitation program goes beyond stabilizing your physical and mental integrity. We also want to make sure you’ll stay sober throughout the years and that you won’t relapse in the future. To achieve that, we’ll use a combination of education and relapse prevention mechanisms.

Seeing how much we know about alcoholism and drug addiction, it’s no surprise that our program of alcohol rehab in Phoenix is so intricate and detailed. We never take the rehabilitation treatment for granted and neither should you.

Come to our center, at America’s Rehab Campuses, and play it safe! Alcoholism is a severe mental disorder, with the potential to ruin your life, if it hasn’t already. Take action while it’s not too late and call us now – we can help you!