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For the best addiction treatment, visit our Arizona treatment center today. Our inpatient treatments have helped hundreds of patients with addiction issues heal and regain full control over their mind and body.  Visit or call America’s Rehab Campuses today.

What is partial hospitalization rehab?

This is an outpatient program that helps individuals with addiction issues with extra care than what a standard outpatient program offers. PHP patients receive therapies, medical detox, and medication during the day at the facility, but they do not stay the night at the rehab. These patients enjoy all the services of an inpatient rehab program.

The benefit that this program offers is that the patients get to stay in their respective homes and attend rehab for 3-5 days a week. PHP programs cater to those individuals with a mild to moderate level of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Some patients opt for the partial hospitalization program after completing an intensive inpatient rehab program to slowly adapt to the external environment. At our Arizona treatment center, we offer a great partial hospitalization program. Call us for more information.

What’s the difference between inpatient and residential treatment?

Inpatient treatment programs are more intensive and require the patient to stay in a rehab center for 30 – 90 days based on the severity of the addiction and co-occurring disorders. On the other hand, residential treatment is comparatively less intensive and requires the recovering addict to stay in a residential home-like setting during the treatment, also known as sober living homes.

Inpatient programs are for those who need 24/7 monitoring as they can cause self-harm to themselves or people around them. Inpatient programs are short-term, ranging from 30 to 90 days while residential treatment programs are longer and are ideal for those who do not require 24/7 surveillance. We offer an excellent inpatient as well as a residential treatment program to ensure quick and painless recovery. Get in touch with our rehab experts today so that we can help you or your loved one heal from addiction.

Things to look for in a rehab program                                                                                  

There are a lot of highly-effective rehab centers that offer a myriad of scientifically proven treatment approaches to treat addiction and its co-occurring disorders. However, when deciding to join rehab, make sure it is a CARF accredited institution. Visit the rehab to assess their infrastructure, the staff’s expertise, the maintenance, level of comfort, food and stay, etc.

Make your decision after a thorough analysis of the rehab center’s treatment approaches for addiction, the therapies used, duration of treatment, online reviews, past patient experiences, etc. Make sure that the rehab also offers aftercare treatments post-rehab to ensure that the recovering adult doesn’t give into relapse.

At our Arizona treatment center, we focus on helping you get better with a series of treatments like medical detox, medications, and behavioral therapies. America’s Rehab Campuses is the #1 addiction treatment center for substance and alcohol dependency. Call us for more information on admissions.