Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers Arizona

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we provide the enabling environment for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. We provide our patients with the best in terms of care, inpatient rehabilitation, drug- detox, and outpatient services. It is these services that make us one of the most effective drug and alcohol rehab centers in Arizona.

What makes this rehab center different?

We give you the best in terms of support and treatment programs for different kinds of patients. This is in addition to our residential treatment, medical detox, partial hospitalization treatments as well as partial hospitalization process. As a plus, we also offer services for first responders, military personnel sober living programs, and public service agents assistance.

Our patients enjoy a variety of amenities at our center, such as fitness programs, nutritional education, yoga, swimming, and meditation, to assist them in the healing process. We also deploy an individual assessment system which assists our staff to discover the right program for each of our patients.

Furthermore, individual therapeutic programs, group activities and fellowships, career counseling, recreational therapy, and emotional support and sponsorship should assist the patient in their reintegration journey to the world by mending their minds.

The success rate of drug rehab programs

Like with everything in life, there are no hundred percent guarantees. However, we can assure you that our team of experienced and dedicated experts invests a lot of time and energy in ensuring that our patients receive the best care.

It is normal for an addiction pattern to form in the body of people who use substances such as benzos, opiates, and alcohol over an extended period.  However, to solve this problem, the mind and body of our patient need to heal.

During this detoxification, certain substances must leave your body, which may give feelings of irritation, anxiety, as well as sickness. Also, the time for detoxification varies from one person to the other, while the time frame for cravings could go on extended.

Drug recovery and aftercare

You must recognize that the end of the rehabilitation process does not imply that the process is complete. It is during the aftercare where the patient begins taking steps towards ensuring full recovery from addition even after he or she leaves the treatment facility.

The aftercare process includes taking part in our sober living program, random drug, and alcohol testing, and after-care community. At our center, we have created the perfect environment to help you recover fast and effectively. It is here where you will rediscover your purpose in life; one that doesn’t include alcohol, drugs, or any other type of substance.

We understand just how difficult the journey to drug and alcohol addiction recovery can be. This is why we, at America’s Rehab Campuses, make it our duty to ensure that we deliver top-notch patient-focused services. These ensure that we retain our reputation as one of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in Arizona. Contact our rehab team today, so we can help you on your road to recovery.