Drug Rehab in Arizona

Drug rehabilitation programs come in many forms and function according to different standards. If you’re looking for fast and long-lasting results, you need to choose your rehab institution carefully. America’s Rehab Campuses ranks among the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers across the country.

We’ve been dealing with drug abuse and addiction for decades, and we’ve helped countless people change their lives for good. We know how difficult it is to fight drug addiction, which is why we’ve created some of the best rehab programs in the industry. Our drug rehab in Arizona includes:

The Residential / Inpatient Program

In the majority of the cases, successful drug rehabilitation demands constant supervision and a higher level of control. The inpatient program relies on 24/7 supervision, allowing us to closely monitor your condition, and make immediate adjustments when needed.

The inpatient program relies on several steps to achieve top results:

  • Thorough assessment and diagnosis
  • Clinical detoxification
  • Dual-Diagnosis treatment
  • Advanced psychotherapies
  • Treating emotional trauma
  • Providing spiritual healing
  • Education and relapse prevention

Depending on how well you respond to our rehab treatment, our specialists will continuously adjust the program for maximum efficiency. The inpatient program comes with a peaceful and calming setting, a friendly community, and a helpful and experienced staff. All these pros will contribute to speeding your recovery, and deliver long-lasting benefits.

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The PHP comes as the next step to the inpatient program. As your condition will improve, you won’t require full-time supervision anymore, and that’s when you’ll be able to join the PHP. You’ll now have a six-hour daily schedule to attend to, no hospitalization required.

This is a transitioning phase in our drug rehab in Arizona, preparing you for switching from a full-hospitalization program to the outpatient one. And we will only green-light your transition once your condition is stable enough and improving.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The outpatient program consists of a 12-week treatment, combining all the benefits of a sustained rehab program, with the freedom to fulfill your social tasks. You’ll only need to attend the rehab program three days per week, for three hours per session. We use a variety of procedures and rehab treatments during this period, including:

  • Continuing the detox process
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
  • Family therapeutic sessions
  • Education and social skills
  • Furthering the relapse prevention mechanisms

We’re using the IOP not only to extend the rehabilitation process but to support you in rebuilding your life. Our expert staff will guide you through the process, helping you develop coping skills and learn how to remain sober throughout the years.

Our drug rehab in Arizona comprises the latest clinical and psychiatric procedures, for the best results in practice. If you’re fighting drug addiction and want to start a new life, contact us immediately!

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we want to hear your story and learn how we can help you. The more you postpone it, the worse the condition will get – seek professional assistance now!